West Coast Sailors

April 2015

"If asked about the Jones Act – I am an ardent supporter of the Jones Act. [The Act] supports a viable ship building industry, cuts cost and produces 2500 qualified mariners. Why would we tamper with that?" said U.S. Air Force General Paul J. Selva, Commander, U.S. Transportation Command.

March 2015

A milestone in the history of the American maritime labor movement was reached this month as the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific observed the 130th Anniversary of its founding and the enactment of the LaFollette Seamen’s Act marked its centennial.

February 2015

Senator McCain’s attempt to gut the Jones Act turned into an exercise in futility as his amendment to the Keystone XL Pipeline bill was never brought up on the Senate floor for a vote prior to the final vote on the pipeline on January 29. The Arizona Republican’s amendment would have repealed the provision of the Jones Act.

January 2015

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) introduced an amendment to the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill that would repeal the provision of the Jones Act that requires vessels trading domestically be built in the United States.

December 2014

SUP-contracted American President Lines got a boost this month when Maersk Line announced it was terminating its four-ship, U.S.-flag, TransPacific service in January.

November 2014

Matson, Inc. and Horizon Lines, Inc. announced on November 11, that Matson and Horizon have entered into a definitive "merger" agreement.

October 2014

"Our very first Congress singled out the domestic U.S. Merchant Marine as essential to our economy and national defense..."

September 2014

On September 10, the House Transportation & Infrastructure's Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Marine Transportation held a fact finding hearing on the "status of the merchant marine".

August 2014

SUP-contracted Matson containership Manukai pulled off a difficult and daring rescue of three yachtsmen whose vessel was floundering in heavy seas while enroute to Honolulu

July 2014

Crucial maritime programs and policies have been placed in crosshairs in Congress.