West Coast Sailors

October 2000

On October 10, Judge William B. Bryant of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia decisively rejected a challenge by the American Maritime Officers (AMO) to overturn a Military Sealift command award to Patriot Contract Services to manage and operate 10 Large Medium Speed Roll-On/
Roll-Off (LMSR) vessels.

September 2000

The Sailors? Union of the Pacific, Marine Firemen's Union, Masters,
Mates & Pilots, Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, and the
International Longshore Warehouse Union, have joined with a broad-based
group of maritime, port, travel and tourism organizations in urging members
of the U.S. Senate to support the United States Cruise Vessel Act (S.1510).

August 2000

On August 12, 2000, more than 1000 miles offshore, the SUP-crewed
Chevron Wash-ington engaged in a dramatic and complicated rescue.
Diverted by a satellite phone call from the United States Coast
Guard-Alameda, the Washington rushed to the aid of a seriously
injured sailor aboard a dismasted sailboat.

July 2000

U.S. cruise ship bill prompts company to arrange financing for vessel construction.

June 2000

The Senate comitte on Comerce, Science and Transportation on June 15 passed a bill that is designed to facilitate the entry of U

May 2000

Bum decision prompts protest by SUP company; Government stays the award.

April 2000

A strong U.S.-flags commercial merchant fleet is absolutely essential to ensuring U.S. national defense and economic security in

March 2000

USNS Pililaau: the fifth of a series of seven Bob Hope-class, large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off being built for the Military

February 2000

Officers elected, amendments decided.

January 2000

Foreign-flag cruiseship working conditions exposed.