Welfare Notes - November 2007

November, 2007

Timely Filing of Claims

Plan rules regarding the requirement of filing claims within 90 days of the service date were reviewed at the October 2007 Board of Trustees Meeting. 

The decision of the Board was that the 90 day time limit shall begin counting from the date of the initial invoice from the provider or 90 days from the Medicare, or other primary carrier, payment date.

If an active participant is at sea and unable to submit a claim within 90 days from the initial billing date, the Plan office will reimburse these claims if the participant can provide documentation of his or her sea time.

2007 Creditable / Non-Creditable Prescription Coverage Notices

The Plan office recently mailed Prescription Drug Creditable Coverage letters to active participants and Prescription Drug Non-Creditable Coverage letters to pensioners. Please read the letters carefully and keep the letters for future reference regarding Medicare Part D Prescription coverage. If you did not receive a letter, contact the Plan office at 415-778-5490 or 1-800-796-8003.

Medicare Part D Changes

There may be changes in the premium you pay for Medicare Part D and the prescriptions your plan covers. If you are currently taking prescriptions for a medical condition, contact your Medicare Part D carrier to insure that your plan will cover the prescriptions you need.

E-mail Addresses

You can e-mail questions to the SUP Welfare Plan at the following e-mail addresses.  To protect your privacy do not include your social security number or other sensitive personal information in your e-mails.

Michelle Chang, Administrator: mcsupsiupd@sbcglobal.net
Patty Martin: martinpatty59@sbcglobal.net
Virginia Briggs, Claims: vbriggs80@sbcglobal.net
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility: mjacyna67@sbcglobal.net