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The Welfare Plan, SIU-PD Pension Plan and the Supplemental Benefit Plan are all Taft-Hartley Labor Management Trusts created, designed and maintained to service SUP members. You earn eligibility for these important and generous benefits by working under SUP contract. It takes 120 days of initial qualifying days to become eligible as a participant, and presently 60 days of continuing employment (within the eligibility period) to maintain benefits. Benefits are not only for members but also include qualifying spouses and legal dependents. These benefits are the product of many years of collective bargaining and the hard work of SUP members who generate the contributions that pay for it all.

Among the documents available here is the important Summary Plan Description of the SUP Welfare Plan and the SIU-PD Pension Plan, (links on the console to the right) which describes the benefits, the eligibility and how it all works. Following that there are some important forms and other documents. There are also forms available for the SUP 401(k) Plan, the SUP Money Purchase Pension Plan, and the Special Medical Pensioner's Benefit. If you have any questions call the Plan offices at 415-778-5490

Dear Participant: We are pleased to present SUP Welfare Plan's Summary Plan Description describing the benefits provided by the SUP Welfare Plan. The Plan was established in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Sailors' Union of the Pacific and participating employers.

The Plan Description furnishes a brief description of the benefits to which you and your family are entitled, the rules governing these benefits, and the procedures that should be followed when making a claim. This booklet includes certain information concerning the administration of the Plan as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. We urge you and your family to read this booklet thoroughly so that you will be familiar with the benefits of the Plan. We are pleased to present this booklet describing the benefits provided by the SUP Welfare Plan.


(The pandemic protocols are no longer in full force and effect but the protocols remain here as reference and future guidance should it become necessary).

Like the Union, the SUP Welfare Plan and related trusts remain open on a limited basis, and subject to social distancing rules. For more detail see the related documents:

SUP Welfare Plan Social Distancing Protocol is here.

Seafarers' Medical Center Social Distancing Protocol is here.

SIU PD Benefit Plans Social Distancing Protocol is here.

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Medicare Resources

SUP Pensioners and future pensioners should take care to understand the Medicare benefit generally available after age 65. There are many aspects of the program to understand. Among the most important is what Medicare doesn't pay for and how that can be covered. The U.S. government's official Medicare site is thorough and comprehensive and it can be accessed at

The Medicare Plans site is an excellent and comprehensive resource that is easy to navigate, covers the major questions, has updated costs, and doesn't try to sell you anything. It can be accessed at