Welfare Notes May 2015

May, 2015

Active Participants Enrolled in the California Dental Plans


The United Health Care/Pacific Union Dental Plan is changing the policy number and name of the plan effective June 01, 2015.  The new policy number will be #9052151 and the plan will no longer be called Pacific Union Dental.  The name will be United Health Care Direct Compensation Plan. 


Members who have been enrolled in Pacific Union Dental will be moved into the new plan and not be required to do anything regarding the change.  New ID cards and information will be sent to you.


The Delta Care Dental Plan changed its policy number to 71096-00001.  If you have an old ID card it may still list the old policy number.  The information phone numbers have not changed, however, you may want to note the group number change if you need to call Delta Care.  You can also request a new ID card by calling Delta Care (800-422-4234).


All participants, regardless of their plan, should get an estimate from their dentist before services are started on major dental work.  Such work must be approved by your plan.  If dental work is approved by your plan, you will know in advance what your payment obligations will be.


Dental work that is not approved by your plan will not be paid by your plan or the SUP Welfare Plan.