May 2016 Welfare Notes

May, 2016

Dental Plans and Benefit News


Dental implants are now covered for Active Participants under some of the Dental Plans offered through the SUP Welfare Plan. Should you be in need of dental implant services, first check whether they are a covered benefit of your particular plan and verify that your dentist is a network provider. If implants are covered, the service must be pre-authorized just as all major dental work to be performed must be pre-approved by your dental plan. Be sure that you understand what your financial responsibility will be before you undergo treatment. Copayments for dental implants are not reimbursed to the Participants by the SUP Welfare Plan.


California residents enrolled in the United Health Care Dental Plan should have already received information on the new dental schedule of copayments going into effect June 01, 2016.  If you are enrolled in this plan and did not receive this information, please contact the Plan office.


Participants who were enrolled in the AIG (U.S. Life) Dental Plan have been moved into the Standard Dental Plan.  AIG is no longer offering Dental Insurance.  The Standard Dental Plan policy number is 160-770231-1.  The Plan change was effective May 01, 2016. Participants who have been moved into the Standard Dental Plan should have already received their ID cards for the Standard Dental Plan with information on how to find a dentist.


There are no changes to the other dental plans for active members at this time.  Be sure to enroll yourself and eligible dependents in a dental plan when you become eligible.  If you delay the enrollment you may not be eligible to enroll until the next open enrollment period.  When you are enrolled in a plan you must stay in that plan for 12 months before you can change plans unless you move to another location outside of their service area