Welfare Notes - September 2006

September, 2006

Port Visits Thank You

Welfare Plan Administrator, Michelle Chang, makes yearly visits to the ports in Wilmington, Seattle and Honolulu to meet with the members and answer any questions they may have. On recent visits to Wilmington and Seattle, she was accompanied by Training Representative, Terry O’Neill, and Money Purchase Pension Plan and 401(K) Plan Representative, Todd Smithpeter. We would like to thank everyone who attended. The questions and general feedback we get from you is helpful in organizing our office to serve you better. There is a visit scheduled for Honolulu on October 16. If you are in that area, please be sure to stop by.

Reminders from your Medical Director

Keep a written list of your medications and dosages with you. If you require emergency treatment, it is important for the treating physician to know the medications you are taking. If you lose consciousness, the information in your wallet about your prescriptions or allergies to certain drugs may help save your life.

If possible take an extra supply of medications with you when you ship. This will help you maintain your necessary dosage if there is any accidental loss of your drugs. It is important that you continue to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor and do not cut down the dosage unless approved by your doctor. If you have asthma, you should always have extra inhalers while you are away from home.

Remember to wash your hands frequently when at sea and especially in port. It is a good way of decreasing your chances of picking up germs or becoming ill.

When working in hot environments, performing rigorous physical activity, and on hot days increase your normal fluid intake. Drinking lots of water can help prevent dehydration that can affect certain medical conditions.

E-mail Addresses

You can e-mail questions to the SUP Welfare Plan at the following e-mail addresses.  To protect your privacy do not include your social security number or other sensitive personal information in your e-mails.