Welfare Notes - October 2015

October, 2015

Flu Season

October is usually the beginning of the Flu season. Your health plans provide flu shots with no payment due from you in most cases. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if any other immunizations are recommended or you need updates on previous inoculations.

Maintenance Prescriptions

If you are planning on shipping be sure to have the necessary prescriptions for your voyage. Plan Mail orders can be helpful to you and are less expensive. This can be true even when you are not shipping. Have a list of your prescriptions available in case of emergencies.

Medical plans issue ID cards for all members and dependents enrolled in their plans. Dental Plans normally issue only one ID card for the family. You can photocopy your dental ID for your family and in some cases go on line to print an ID card.


If you are not planning on shipping for an extended period of time check with the SUP Welfare Plan about your eligibility and when you will need to ship again to avoid a lapse in eligibility and coverage. Check with the Plan office whenever  you finish a voyage to find out where your eligibility stands.