Welfare Notes - November 2006

November, 2006

Social Security

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Benefits increase automatically each year based on the rise in the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers from the third quarter of the prior year. The Social Security increase for 2007 will be 3.3 percent.


The Medicare Part B monthly premium will increase from $88.50 to $93.50 in 2007. The average Part D enrollee premium will increase 0.1 percent in 2007.

There will also be increases in the deductibles for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in 2007. The Part A Deductible will be $992.00. The Part B deductible will be $131.00.

Recent Plan Mailings

The SUP Welfare Plan recently mailed notices to all active and retired participants pertaining to prescription drug coverage under the SUP Welfare Plan and that offered under Medicare Part D. The annual notices to active participants of creditable coverage and to retirees of non-creditable coverage are required by law. Please be sure to keep your copy for future reference and your use if the information may be requested of you. If you did not receive a copy, please contact the Plan office.

E-mail Addresses

You can e-mail questions to the SUP Welfare Plan at the following e-mail addresses.  To protect your privacy do not include your social security number or other sensitive personal information in your e-mails.

Michelle Chang, Administrator: mcsupsiupd@sbcglobal.net
Patty Martin: martinpatty59@sbcglobal.net
Virginia Briggs, Claims: vbriggs80@sbcglobal.net
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility: mjacyna67@sbcglobal.net
Terry O’Neill, Training Representative: terenceo@gmail.com