Welfare Notes - May 2005

May, 2005

In January of 2004 the Columbia Stable Value Fund B replaced the Dodge & Cox Fixed Income portfolio in the SUP Money Purchase Plan. Following is some additional background, based on questions we have received from members.

Active Participant Eligibility
Eligibility rule changes for active participants will become effective May 1, 2005. Please be sure to contact the Plan office if you have any questions about your eligibility. (800-796-8003).

Allergy Season
In the United States over 35 million people are affected by spring allergies. Not every area of the country begins allergy season at the same time. Common symptoms for people suffering from allergies are sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchiness in the nose, scratchy throat, watery or itchy eyes, and feeling miserable.

If you are one of the millions who suffer with allergies, precautions can help you through the allergy season. Check windows, bookshelves, and air vents for dust and mold. Thoroughly clean these areas. Using a mask when cleaning may be helpful.

Since pollens are usually emitted between 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., postpone outdoor activities until later in the morning whenever possible. Use air conditioning at home and in your car on days with a high pollen count. Use a filter or mask when mowing the lawn and stay indoors on hot, dry and windy days.

Antihistamines can be effective in controlling allergy symptoms. Be sure to read warning labels about overuse and use when taking prescription medicines. Consider consulting an allergist if over the counter aids do not give you relief.

SIU-PD Pension Office 415-437-6889

SIU-PD Supplemental Benefits 415-437-6870