Welfare Notes - March 2007

March, 2007

SUP Money Purchase Pension and 401(k) Plans– Special Notice Investment Fund Changes & Additions

Recently, the Board of Trustees approved a number of changes and improvements to the SUP Money Purchase Pension and 401(k) Plans based on the recommendations from our Investment Advisor; MasterPlan Advisors, Inc. Beginning April 2nd, 2007, the Plan will allow - but not require - participants to allocate their Money Purchase Pension account assets to any of several mutual funds that are available in the SUP 401(k) Plan. Effective April 2nd, 2007, there will be new funds, replacement funds and a palette of managed portfolios or “model portfolios” available for investment under both plans. Model portfolios are professionally managed investment accounts that participants select based on their desired level of risk.  Included in this notice is information regarding those options and the changes and additions that will be made for both plans.

Please read this document carefully and review your current account to determine how your account may be affected. Included with this notice is a performance summary of the funds discussed, a brief fund description, and model portfolio descriptions. Fund information sheets or prospectuses are available from MasterPlan Services. Fund information sheets and prospectuses are also available on the web atwww.masterplanretirement.com. Login to your account and click the fund name link to access information on each fund. You may also contact a MasterPlan Customer Service Representative at 800-547-4334 between 7:30 AM and 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time for a prospectus or additional information.

Fund Changes & Additions– Effective April 1st, 2007

Bold Funds Indicate New or Replacement Options

On April 2nd, 2007 any dollars you have invested in current funds that are scheduled to be replaced, will be automatically transferred to the designated new option. There will be no commissions or other fees associated with these transactions. You may make changes to your account at anytime after April 2nd. If you are invested in a fund that is being removed, your existing balances and investment elections will automatically be transferred to the replacement investment.

No action on your part is necessary unless you want to make changes to your Money Purchase Pension Account or your 401(k) Account investments.

For your convenience we have included an Investment Choices Selection Form. Please see the instructions printed on the back of the form for details. You may also use the website or phone system at anytime after April 2nd, 2007. MasterPlan Service Representatives are also available for changes.

You may submit changes at anytime after the market closes on Friday, March 30th utilizing any of the following methods:

  • Website: www.masterplanretirement.com
  • Automated Phone System: 1-888-547-8716
  • MasterPlan Services Representative: 1-800-547-4334 (7:30 AM to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time)


E-mail Addresses

You can e-mail questions to the SUP Welfare Plan at the following e-mail addresses.  To protect your privacy do not include your social security number or other sensitive personal information in your e-mails.

Michelle Chang, Administrator: mcsupsiupd@sbcglobal.net
Patty Martin: martinpatty59@sbcglobal.net
Virginia Briggs, Claims: vbriggs80@sbcglobal.net
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility: mjacyna67@sbcglobal.net
Terry O’Neill, Training Representative: terenceo@gmail.com