Welfare Notes - June 2008

June, 2008

Unfit For Duty & Eligibility

If you are Unfit for Duty, your eligibility for coverage may be extended; however, you must inform the Plan office of your Unfit for Duty status with documentation from your attending physician. Periodic updates of your status should be submitted if your disability continues.

Please check with the Plan office if you have any concerns about your eligibility. If your eligibility terminates, you must work 120 mandays within a 12 month period to become eligible again. Once you regain your eligibility, you must also enroll in a plan to be covered.

Dental Coverage for Active Participants

Dental emergencies while shipping can be troublesome as well as painful. The HMO dental plans available to active participants require minimal and in some instances no co-payments for routine and preventive dental treatment. Please contact the Plan office to make sure you are enrolled in a dental plan and use your coverage to your advantage. Co-payments required for treatment by members can be submitted to the Plan office for reimbursement.

Dental Coverage for Pensioners

The maximum allowance for dental treatment under the Pensioners’ Annual Allowance is included in the $500.00 maximum for medical co-payments and vision. The new fiscal year begins August 1, 2008.

Michelle Chang – Administrator
Patty Martin
Michael Jacyna
Virginia Briggs
Berit Eriksson - Training Representative