Welfare Notes - July 2013

July, 2013

Mailings from the SUP Welfare Plan Office

The Plan office will be mailing Money Purchase Plan statements and Active Member Eligibility information within the next few weeks.  If you do not receive a mailing, please contact the Plan office.  Many Money Purchase Plan statements are returned to the Plan office because we do not get updated information on address changes.

Welfare Plan Eligibility

Please contact the Plan office if you have any questions about your eligibility.  A new eligibility period does not necessarily start when you get off of the ship.  We can review your information and explain what you will need to do to prevent your coverage from terminating.  If you may be off work for an extended period of time, please keep in touch with the Plan office.

New Fiscal Year

The new Fiscal Year starts August 01, 2013.  Pensioners may want to contact the Plan office to see about any remaining benefits before the end of the fiscal year.  The dates of services determine which fiscal year may be used for reimbursement.  As an example, if you have used all available benefits in this fiscal year a service in July 2013 cannot be reimbursed to you if you wait to send the claim after August 01, 2013.  Services from August 01, 2013 through July 31, 2014 can be submitted for the new fiscal year August 01, 2013 through July 31, 2013.     

New Phone Number for Training Representative

The Training Representative’s new Seattle telephone number is listed below.

Michelle Chang, Administrator  
Patty Martin  
Virginia Briggs, Claims   
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility