Welfare Notes - July 2005

July, 2005

The SUP Welfare Plan office moved June 24, and is now in our new location at 730 Harrison Street between 3rd and 4th street. The pension and supplemental office and the welfare plan office are all located on the fourth floor. If you are visiting our offices the pension and supplemental plan office is in suite 400 which is to your left as you get off the elevator. The entrance for the welfare plan office is down the hall in suite 415. Please ring the doorbells for service.

The Medical Center is scheduled to move to 730 Harrison Street August 1, 2005. The entrance for the Medical Center will be on the street level to the left of the main entrance for the building.

The phone and fax numbers for the SUP Welfare Plan are still:

Telephone: 415-778-5490 and 800-796-8003 
Fax: 415-778-5495

Steve Messenger, the Training Representative, is still at 450 Harrison Street, but he has a new telephone number: 415-957-1816.

There are also new telephone numbers and fax numbers for:

Pension: 415-764-4987
Supplemental Benefits: 415-764-4991
Pension & Supplemental Benefits fax: 415-495-6110

Pensioners’ Annual Allowance
The new fiscal year for the Pensioners Annual Allowance begins August 1, 2005. Charges for covered services incurred on or after August 1, 2005 will be applied to the new annual allowance. Charges incurred prior to August 1, 2005 can still be submitted for reimbursement; however, those charges will be applied to the annual allowance for the fiscal year from August 1, 2004 through July 31, 2005. Dental and vision services can be submitted for reimbursement, as well as, medical and prescription drug charges.