Welfare Notes - July 2002

July, 2002

Beneficiary Forms
On August 1, 2002, the SUP Welfare Plan will be converting to a new claim and payment system. This new payment plan will be very beneficial for members and retirees who are seeking reimbursement on medical and dental claims.

Under this new system your claims will be processed and entered into the computer at the SUP Welfare Office. The computer information then will be transmitted to Zenith Administrators office and the reimbursement checks will be issued and mailed directly from Zenith. The reimbursement checks and explanations will look a little bit different, but there will be no change in your benefits or annual allowances.

The new look of the checks may take a little getting used to, but you will find the payment explanations to more detailed and easier to understand. When this new system is up and running on schedule, the checks will be cut the next day after they are received at Zenith Administrators.

There will be no change with this new system in the way you submit your claims. You will continue to submit your claims to the SUP Welfare Plan, 450 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94105. The only change with this new system will be quick turnaround in the time you receive your reimbursement checks and the detailed explanations included with your payments.

The Welfare Plan is forced to make one change in the payments to those requesting reimbursement for claims. We ask that you submit your claims on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT CLAIMS ON A YEARLY BASIS.

SUP Welfare Representative Rich Reed will be attending the Branch membership meetings in the upcoming months. This is a good time for active members and retirees to address any questions they have for the Welfare Office. If you have questions on medical and dental benefits, Money Purchase Retirement Plan, the 401(k) plan, or questions on STCW and various schools we suggest you attend these meetings. The schedule is as follows: Seattle-August 19; Wilmington-September 16; Honolulu-October 21.