Welfare Notes - January 2007

January, 2007

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions. No doubt the most popular resolutions are to go on a diet and exercise more. Surely these are two resolutions that are made repeatedly from year to year. Despite past failures, these are also two of the most worthwhile life changes to try again and again.

Analyze your eating habits and the foods you eat. Do you eat in restaurants frequently? Do you eat large meals? Do you snack?

Homemade meals make it easier for you to control your diet. Select foods that have lower fat content. When you shop for groceries, check the labels for calories.

Making better choices is a big part of a healthier diet. An apple and water is a good substitute for chips and a soda.

Don’t let the scale discourage you. If you have added exercise as part of your goal, remember muscle weighs more than fat so the scale may not reflect the improvement you have made as you firm up.

Be sure to check with your doctor about any changes you may consider.

E-mail Addresses

You can e-mail questions to the SUP Welfare Plan at the following e-mail addresses.  To protect your privacy do not include your social security number or other sensitive personal information in your e-mails.

Michelle Chang, Administrator: mcsupsiupd@sbcglobal.net
Patty Martin: martinpatty59@sbcglobal.net
Virginia Briggs, Claims: vbriggs80@sbcglobal.net
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility: mjacyna67@sbcglobal.net
Terry O’Neill, Training Representative: terenceo@gmail.com