Welfare Notes - February 2008

February, 2008

Port Visits

Michelle Chang, the SUP Welfare Plan Administrator and the Money Purchase Plan/401(k) Plan representative visited Honolulu on February 19, 2008 on the first stop for the yearly port visits. The schedule for port visits includes San Francisco March 10, 2008, Wilmington March 17, 2008, and Seattle April 20, 2008.

Please try to attend the meetings in your area to ask any questions you may have.

Medicare Part B Premium Increase

The standard Medicare Part B premium increased from $93.50 to $96.40 in January 2008. The Medicare Part B premium amount is reimbursed to pensioners on their pension check and deducted from their Pensioner’s Annual Allowance. This amount can also be reimbursed to spouses of pensioners unless they are receiving reimbursement for this expense from another source.

Active Participants' Copayment

Copayments for active participants are reimbursable by the SUP Welfare Plan. Reimbursable copayments are for the member only and must be submitted to the SUP Welfare Plan within 90 days of treatment with proper documentation: name of the provider of services, patient’s name, date of services, amount of the charge, and description of service such as office visit.  

Michelle Chang – Administrator
Patty Martin
Michael Jacyna
Virginia Briggs
Berit Eriksson - Training Representative