Welfare Notes - February 2006

February, 2006

EAP Program

Chemical dependency is a progressive and potentially fatal illness.  It destroys relationships as well as personal health.  Untreated drug or alcohol problems can also cost you your job.
With the pressures facing people today, it is not unusual for people to find themselves in the downward spiral of substance abuse.  Fortunately there are treatments and solutions to correct the problem and get life headed back in the right direction.

The SUP Welfare Plan has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) that offers counseling and assistance.  The plan is administered through Health Management Center.  Their phone line is open 24 hours 7 days per week.  Your call is completely confidential and your privacy is protected.  HMC’s phone number is 1-888-215-8903.

The HMC Employee Assistance Program is a professional evaluation, counseling, and educational program.  An EAP counselor will discuss the nature of the problem and outline a plan of action for consideration.

The SUP Welfare Plan also offers a program that will provide alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation services for eligible members at a designated treatment center.  Benefits are limited to one rehabilitation admission per active member not to exceed a period of 28 days of rehabilitation treatment during the member’s lifetime.  Pre-authorization from the plan office is required.

Chemical Dependency Services are also available through your medical plans such as Kaiser, Health Net, and Group Health.  Contact your plan for information on treatments available to you or covered dependents.