Welfare Notes - February 2002

February, 2002

The Sailor's Snug Harbor has a history of caring for retired merchant seaman. In 1801, Captain Robert Richard Randall declared through his will that a facility be established to care for "aged, decrepit and worn-out sailors." The first facility opened in 1833 on Staten Island. In 1976 the facility moved to Sea Level, North Carolina.

Changes in the maritime industry and society as a whole have brought about the implementation of the Mariners Outreach Program. Through this program, qualified retired seamen can benefit from Captain Randall's bequest while staying in their own communities. Some examples of assistance that the Mariners Outreach Program can help with are rent, health insurance, auto payments, auto insurance, electric bills, phone bills, water and sewer bills.

Benefits from this program are paid directly to the vendors, service providers or creditors. This helps the retired mariner avoid tax liability and will not affect eligibility from most other entitlements or other forms of assistance. Sailor's Snug Harbor says their goal is "to provide some financial assistance so career seaman may enjoy their retirement years to the fullest."

When applying for this program some of the things the retired mariner will be asked to do are to complete an application and include recent tax returns and financial documents. Also copies of ten years of Coast Guard discharges will need to be submitted, and an in home visit may be arranged by Sailor's Snug Harbor.

For information on this program you may reach Snug Harbor at 1-800-257-5456. You may also log on to their website at or you may contact Rich Reed at the S.U.P. Welfare Plan.


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