Welfare Notes - February 2001

February, 2001

Active members
The SUP Welfare Plan offers to its members an "Employee Assistance Program." This program can offer confidential assistance if you feel you have a drug or alcohol problem. The program enables participants who encounter drug or alcohol abuse problems to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a toll free confidential phone line for counseling and assistance. This benefit is administered by Health Management Center Inc. and is completely confidential. The Sailors' Union or the Coast Guard will not be notified. Brochures and telephone information cards are available at the branch offices, and will soon be mailed to all SUP-contracted vessels. If you wish any further information on this employee-assistance program, please call the Welfare Plan Office.

The Welfare Plan has received many questions regarding the increase in Medicare premiums. If you are a pensioner and receiving your Annual Allowance (maximum $1850 a year) you can have your Medicare premium reimbursed to you on your monthly pension check. The Medicare reimbursement is available for the retired member and his spouse. In order to participate, and take advantage of this benefit, you must write to the Welfare Plan and include a copy of your Medicare "Part B" card. You must also include a copy of your spouses Medicare card if you wish reimbursement for your spouse.

Please keep in mind that this Medicare reimbursement is deducted from your annual allowance.
If you have any questions, please call the Welfare Plan Office.

SUP Welfare Plan
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E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org