Welfare Notes - December 2000

December, 2000

Active members
This is a reminder to all active sailing members: You must obtain your STCW '95 by February 1, 2002! For those of you who have not yet gone to school, you now have only a little over a year to attend school and have the Coast Guard issue your STCW '95 document. The SUP Welfare Plan administers the Andrew Furuseth School of Seamanship. The school has scheduled 29 classes in 2001. To obtain your STCW '95, you must attend school and pass classes in firefighting, basic first aid, personal survival, and personal safety. The school is located in San Diego. The Welfare Plan will pay your transportation, hotel, and dining. The school consists of five days of training. We still have many members who have not attended these classes. The 29 classes may fill up very quickly. Schedule your time accordingly, and contact the Welfare Office or the Andrew Furuseth School for information and class schedules to reserve your spot in class.

Retired members who served in active duty in the military, and merchant seamen who served in World War II may qualify for veteran's benefits. Veterans Affairs offers a range of medical and personal benefits. To inquire if you are eligible for veteran's benefits, you may contact Veteran's Affairs by telephone at 1-800-827-1000. If you would like information on regional offices and medical centers for the V.A. contact the SUP Welfare Plan, toll-free on (800) 796-8003, and we will provide you with further information.

SUP Welfare Plan
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