Welfare Notes - August 2002

August, 2002

Active Members
The S.U.P. Welfare Plan will reimburse covered active members for their medical co-payments. Members who are covered by a Welfare Plan medical program are eligible for this reimbursement. Co-payments are a fee charged to you for covered services when you receive them. The co-payment is due and payable to the provider of care at the time the service is received. Please be aware that this is a benefit for members only, and that dependents are responsible for their own co-payments.

Co-payments are routinely charged for prescription drugs, office visits and emergency visits. Members need to submit copies of receipts for the co-payments and proof of payment. Once the paper work is received by the Welfare Plan then reimbursement can be made.

Active members who belong to PPO medical plans and have yearly deductibles may also submit their payments for reimbursement. To collect reimbursements you need to present the "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB) and your proof of payment.

Please contact the S.U.P. Welfare Plan Office if you have any questions on your co-payments.

Medical coverage programs for seniors and retirees usually sponsor on going community health seminars. This is a very valuable benefit for members of these plans, and a benefit unknown to many seniors.

Retired members who are enrolled in medical plans as a supplemental coverage option are usually offered programs available only for seniors. Most medical plans offer senior health workshops and classes. These programs offer quality and reliable health information to support seniors in maintaining a healthy and quality lifestyle. These workshops and classes may discuss such topics as exercise, heart care, stress management, meditation, back care, and personal issues. These programs are usually free and open to all participants in the senior medical plans.

Contact your supplemental medical customer center for more information on workshops and classes in your area.