Welfare Notes - April 2003

April, 2003

On March 21, 2003, the Board of Trustees of the SUP Welfare Plan voted to increase the annual allowance for the Pensioners Medical and Hospital Benefit. The Trustees voted to increase the benefit by $1500, which now reflects a maximum allowance of $5000 per fiscal year. The benefit increase is effective immediately and can be applied for all claims and expenses incurred in the current fiscal year of August 1, 2002 to July 31, 2003.

Expenses eligible for reimbursement include hospital, medical, surgical dental and prescription drug and vision services as well as medical insurance premiums for both the retired member and spouse. In addition, the annual allowance may be used for reimbursement of Medicare part B premiums for both the member and spouse. The reimbursement procedure will continue to work the same way as before. Once again we encourage pensioners to submit receipts for reimbursements on a monthly basis. For those pensioners receiving less than a full pension benefit, the amount you are eligible to receive will be prorated based upon your pension service credits.

A letter has been sent to all participating retired members explaining the new allowance increase. In addition, a letter will be sent explaining in detail each retirees individual annual allowance and the dollar amount remaining in your 2002/2003 fiscal year allowance. This letter will be mailed from the Welfare Plan Office by May 15. If you have any questions on this new allowance and do not receive your letter in May, please contact the Plan Office.

Active members 
New members who reach 120 days in covered employment are eligible for medical and dental coverage through the SUP Welfare Plan. Members who reach the qualifying time must call the Welfare Plan Office and request enrollment forms for the medical and dental providers in your area. When you submit your application, the Welfare Plan requests that you to include the following items:

A copy of your marriage certificate if you are enrolling your spouse; if you are going to enroll dependent children, we ask that you include a copy of their birth certificates; and in certain cases we may ask you to include your discharges for proof of sea service.