Welfare Notes - April 2001

April, 2001

Active members
STCW 1995
This is another reminder to all active members that you must hold a STCW 1995 certificate if you wish to ship after February 1, 2002. To be in full compliance a member must have attended a certified school and presented their training certificates to the U.S. Coast Guard, and been issued a 1995 STCW certificate.

Many members have gone to the certified schools and received their proof of passing certificates and diplomas, but have not taken these diplomas to the Coast Guard to obtain the STCW 1995 certificate. If this is your case we urge you to get to a Coast Guard licensing center as soon as possible to obtain your STCW 1995 certificate. At the Coast Guard you must present you Merchant Mariners Document, the certificates or diplomas from an accredited school, and one passport sized photo of yourself. Once again just, because you have the school diplomas or certificate of completion does not mean you are in compliance with the 1995 regulations. You must have the Coast Guard issued STCW 1995 issued paper.

If you are in doubt of the STCW certificate you hold contact the Andrew Furuseth School of Seamanship, or contact the Coast Guard licensing center in your area. 

The computer age and Internet have brought a valuable resource of information to retirees and seniors. The Internet is full of information on Social Security, prescription drug issues, Medicare programs, affordable housing issues and many other related concerns.

There are websites that are just for retirees. The Alliance for Retired Americans at www.retiredamericans.org is a website aimed at retired labor union members. Another website is www.senior-gazette.com this site offers news on senior organizations. This website also has some information on financial matters for those on fixed incomes.. Another website that offers a variety of senior related topics is www.seniorsurfers.com here you can get information on insurance, genealogy, and travel just to mention a few of the topics.
If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet there are many places that will either teach you or let you have time on their computers. Most local libraries are now able to offer Internet access. Local senior centers and junior colleges also have computers available for use by the public. Check in your area-you will be glad you did!

SUP Welfare Plan
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E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org