June 2018 Welfare Notes

June, 2018

Active Medical Plan Coverage

The SUP Welfare Plan has contracts with California Health Net plans and Kaiser Hawaii, Kaiser Washington, Kaiser Portland Oregon, Kaiser Northern California, and Kaiser Southern California.
The Kaiser Plans are separate from one another and have their own individual enrollment forms. Please be sure you have the correct form when you want to enroll in a plan. Kaiser members can use Kaiser facilities in other areas when necessary, but you should contact your Kaiser Plan and check with the Kaiser facility that you will be using to be sure you are aware of limitations for using the out of area facility for treatment.
Members enrolled in Kaiser Northern California are still considered out of area visitors when using Southern California facilities for treatment and those enrolled in Kaiser Southern California are visitors when using Kaiser Northern California facilities.

Changing Doctors and Dentists

If you want to change your doctor or dentist, please contact your plan. Dental Plans have a waiting period for coverage on major work so it is better to change to another dentist within your plan if you are not satisfied with your dentist. If you change plans, you may delay your coverage for major work if it is needed. Also, be sure that major dental work is approved before you have the work started.
Pensioners Annual Allowance
The new fiscal year for the Pensioners Annual Allowance begins August 01, 2018. Services prior to August can only be considered for the prior fiscal year. Waiting until August to submit bills for services prior to August will not make the bills eligible for benefits in the new fiscal year.