SUP President's Report




A clarification of the Shipping Rule on the "trip off," figures prominently in this report, as pandemic related crewing pressures highlight the problems of a built-in expectation of ready relief. Without being properly relieved, however, a right to return is forfeited under the Rule. Matson wage increases are covered, as well as another call for proposals for APL bargaining expected in September. The business of long-delayed conventions is taken up, along with legislative status of the MSP and TSP, drug testing and a pension update.

President's Report -- July 2022


This report updates the work of the Union on the President Wilson situation and reviews the NTSB report on the President Eisenhower. Government matters on EMBARC standards and drug testing are discussed, as well as UFCW ratification of the new Agreement. Matson standby COVID testing test kit process is explained and negotiated percentage increases are allocated to wages.  Finally, convention calls and holidays are announced in the President’s Report for June.

President's Report -- June 2022


The trials and tribulations of crew of the President Wilson is here catalogued as that ship was stranded in a Shanghai shipyard during an historic Omicron lockdown. The Union dedicated its resources to improving things, and step by small step, made progress. Now it appears that stores are being delivered and shipyard crews are back at work -- portending an end to the strange and difficult isolation. The Ready Reserve Force called into an activation and SUP dispatcher and members once again rose to the difficult task. And in the U.S. Senate two senators launched an attack on the nation’s Ship American cargo preference rules, an elemental pillar of support for the U.S. merchant marine. That and more is covered in the May 2022 President’s Report.

President's Report -- May 2022


New attempts to undermine U.S. shipping surfaced in a Congressional subcommittee but were swept aside in a vote on the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. The next front in the Jones Act waiver wars might be related to the Biden Administration's planned release of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as companies, traders, and foreign interests seek to make by skirting the law. Matson announced two new policies on masking and return to ship protocols as well as alcohol, and APL's standby COVID testing program was called into question and taken up with management. There's reporting on the California Labor Federation convention, the TTD executive board meeting, the SUP Welfare Plan, and the SUP Building Corporation all in the President's Report for April. 

SUP President's Report -- April 2022


The Russian invasion of Ukraine brought on the largest land war since WWII, terrorizing civilians, as well as targeting and disrupting merchant shipping. Here at home a higher level of Union readiness to respond to the U.S. and NATO logistical needs came with the inevitable opportunistic crisis call for Jones Act waivers. The President's budget cleared Congress and contained serious advancements and funding for the U.S. Merchant Marine including the Maritime Security Program, the new Tanker Security Program, the call for proposals for pending APL negotiations went out, an acceleration of seniority in certain hard-to-fill billets was proposed, and the Matson announcement on restoring shore leave was examined. Howard Terminal and the effect of Oakland's port decay impact on SUP members employed at the San Francisco Bar Pilots is all reported. Read it in the West Coast Sailors or here in the President's Report for March. 

President's Report -- March 2022


This report assesses the serious effects of the coronavirus Omicron wave on Union operations from the Supreme Court to the deck plates. It covers the odious U.S. second register flag-of-convenience scheme using the U.S. Virgin Islands, government contract matters, the Watson award completion, the virus policies, UFCW bargaining and the SUP election results. More detail available in the West Coast Sailors or here in the President's Report for February.

President's Report -- February 2022


Starting off 2022 with the smooth activation of the Cape Horn was a good start as the Union and its members plunged into another wave of the coronavirus, this time known as Omicron. The report covers new Matson policy in response and Honolulu dispatch rules and procedures. There is coverage on the investigation related to out of area coverage under the rules and history of the SUP Welfare Plan and reporting on Chevron Shipping, San Francisco Bar Pilots and the UFCW units is updated. The SUP election is noticed one more time as it draws to a close on January 31, 2022. Despite the problems and obstacles, the Union is working and making progress on a range of issues. Details available in the West Coast Sailors or here in the President's Report.

President's Report -- January 2022